Ohio is home to several companies that manufacture aerospace parts. Here are a few examples:

  1. TransDigm Group: TransDigm Group is a publicly traded aerospace manufacturing company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. TransDigm develops and manufactures engineered aerospace components.
  2. Eaton Corporation: Eaton, which is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, manufactures a range of aerospace components and systems, including hydraulic, fuel, and pneumatic systems, and electrical power management systems.
  3. Parker Hannifin Corporation: Parker Hannifin, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies, including aerospace components such as hydraulic and fuel systems, actuators, and engine controls.
  4. GE Aviation: GE Aviation, which is headquartered in Evendale, Ohio, is a leading producer of aircraft engines and components, including aircraft engines, avionics, electrical power systems, and carbon fiber components.
  5. UTC Aerospace Systems: UTC Aerospace Systems, which is based in Troy, Ohio, designs and manufactures a range of aerospace components, including landing gear, propellers, wheels, brakes, and sensors.
  6. Honeywell Aerospace: Honeywell Aerospace, which has operations in several locations in Ohio, manufactures a range of aerospace products, including avionics, sensors, engines, and control systems.

These are just a few examples of aerospace parts companies located in Ohio. There are many other companies in the state that manufacture components and systems for the aerospace industry.